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Sant Vicent de Sa Cala

This small village, uninhabited until the eighteenth century, was the most isolated place in Ibiza

  • Panorámica de los campos y bosques de Sant Vicent de Sa Cala, con el islote de Tagomago en el horizonte
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Iglesia de Sant Vicent de Sa Cala (mediados del siglo XIX)
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Cueva del santuario púnico de Es Culleram, en Sant Vicent de Sa Cala
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Casetas varadero en Sa Cala de Sant Vicent
    Photo: Xescu Prats

Not so long ago, in the XVIII century, Sant Vicent de Sa Cala was seen as the edge of the world, where there was not even food nor work for those who didn’t own some land. But later migratory flows made adventurous people go beyond the mountains and, by 1840580 inhabitants, and it was also the parish with the smallest flock.

In the 20th century the village became known for the telegraphic cable that joined Ibiza and Majorca, and also for the charm of its wide fishing beach. In the 1960s it became a tourist resort, but it has been able to preserve its beauty. It is also very peaceful and quiet in winter.

casa payesa arquitectura ibicenca sant vicent de sa cala san vicente ibiza eivissa

Casa payesa en Sant Vicent de Sa Cala

Photo: Xescu Prats

The small pretty church is worth visiting. Its construction started in 1827 and it was inaugurated in August 15,1838. The reason it took so long to build was because there were not many inhabitants then, and they were too poor to assume the cost. The church has rectangular plant and very few adornments. It has a main altar, six secondary chapels and a wooden sculpture of San Vicente Ferrer that is taken out in processions.

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Municipality Sant Joan de Labritja
Area Sant Vicent
How to arrive

To arrive at Sant Vicent takes direction from Sant Joan or Sant Carles.

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