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Santa Eulària municipality

Located east of the island and includes the villages of Santa Eulalia, Jesus, Santa Gertrudis and Sant Carles

  • Iglesia de Es Puig de Missa, en Santa Eulària des Riu
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Campo de golf de Roca Llisa, en el entorno de Cala Llonga
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Las terrazas de Santa Gertrudis mantienen un ambiente vivo durante todo el año
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Playa de Cala Nova, una de las más bonitas de Santa Eulària
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Antigua almazara de Can Ros, la casa que alberga el Museo Etnográfico, en Santa Eulària
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Cala Boix, en la costa de Sant Carles
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Puerto deportivo de Santa Eulària
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Torre d\'en Valls, en los alrededores de Es Pou des Lleó
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Paseo Marítimo de Santa Eulària des Riu
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Iglesia de Sant Carles, en el municipio de Santa Eulària
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Playa de Es Canal d\'en Martí, en la costa de Es Pou des Lleó
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Isla de Tagomago, desde el entorno de la Torre d\'en Valls
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Casa parroquial y torre de defensa de la iglesia de Santa Eulària
    Photo: Xescu Prats
  • Cala Llonga, una de las más importantes zonas turísticas del municipio de Santa Eulària
    Photo: Xescu Prats

A hill crowned by a beautiful church,beaches surrounded by pine woods and fertile red-sand fields. Santa Eulària, on the east of the island, is the second largest municipality, after Eivissa capital. It offers a wide variety of beautiful beaches, charming villages and several very unusual markets, which attract thousands of tourists every season. But you may also want to dip into its history, culture and traditions, visiting places of especial interest like Puig de Missa (Church Hill) or wending your way into the heart of the very beautiful countryside to be found in the inland parts of this municipality. The leisure harbour and the Promenade (Paseo Marítimo) represent the most modern side of this area, designed for family tourism.

D’en Valls tower, facing Tagomago islet, stands on a particularly beautiful land. Also in Santa Eulària we find S’Argamassa aqueduct, which is one of the most important Roman construction in the island.

Golf fans will find that Santa Eulària boasts the only golf course in the island, and also offers all kind of facilities for nautical activities.

The high quality of its restaurants and hotels, the cleanliness in its beaches and the exquisite hospitality of the locals will encourage you to come back again to Santa Eulària, a municipality in which modernity and tradition go hand in hand.

municipio de santa eularia des riu santa eulalia del rio ibiza eivissa

Danza tradicional ibicenca frente al retablo gótico de la iglesia de Jesús

Photo: Silvia Castillo

La Torre d’en Valls, facing the islet of Tagomago, also part of its territory and sits in a place of extraordinary beauty. Also you can visit the S’Argamassa aqueduct, one of the most important monuments of Roman times the island. The municipality also concentrates two main markets on the island, Las Dalias and Punta Arabi, and the only golf course of Ibiza, with 27 holes. In Santa Eulalia you will find a wide range of cuisine and hospitality, all kinds of facilities for water sports and active recreation, a well maintained area, fertile fields and a welcoming and used to live with tourism inhabitants.

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Municipality Santa Eulària des Riu
How to arrive

The municipality of Santa Eulalia is located east of the island. A road link to it from Eivissa capital. Its main town, Santa Eulalia, is 15 km. away from the capital and 25 from the airport.

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